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blast casino game-George Conway: Donald Trump’s Refusal To Concede Says 3 Things About Him

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George Conway, the anti-Trump attorney and husband of former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, went after the outgoing president on Monday over his continued refusal to acknowledge defeat in the 2020 election.

Earlier in the day, Joe Biden secured enough Electoral College votes to officially succeed Donald Trump as the next president. On CNN, anchor Anderson Cooper asked Conway what Trump’s silence on the news said to America.


It said “three things about the president” — that Trump is “delusional,” that he’s malevolent, and that he’s running a scam on the American people, Conway said.

“If he can’t have the presidency, he doesn’t want anyone else to have the presidency undamaged, and he’s seeking to undermine the next administration,” he continued.

Conway highlighted how the Trump campaign filed a new lawsuit in New Mexico on Monday that challenged the election results.

“It makes absolutely no sense to bring this lawsuit,” said the attorney, a founding member of the Lincoln Project, the group of Republicans disaffected by the Trump era. “New Mexico has only five electoral votes and he’s down by 74. He lost New Mexico by 100,000 votes, 11%. And today, the electors of New Mexico and 49 other states cast their votes. No court is going to give relief at this point. The lawsuit is just a joke. It’s crazy.”


Cooper pointed out that “continuing the frivolous lawsuits” gave Trump cover to “the grift” of receiving donations from supporters who believe in his baseless conspiracy theories. So far, Trump has reportedly raised more than $200 million to fight the election results and, because of the nature of the PAC to which they have been donating, usual strict political spending rules do not apply.

Trump “needs to convince himself and his supporters for his own psychological needs that he actually won the election,” Conway concluded. “That’s where you get back to the point where he’s delusional and he can’t see the truth from his own lies and fantasies.”

Check out the interview here:

“It says a lot about the President and less about the country,” George Conway says on Pres. Trump’s refusal to accept the election results. “It says three things about the President,” Conway says: that he’s delusional, running a scam on the American people and is malevolent.

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) December 15, 2020


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