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legit cash games-Jimmy Kimmel Stuns Barack Obama With An Absolutely Filthy 'Personal Question'

Jimmy Kimmel got extremely personal with former President Barack Obama on Thursday night.

The late night host said he asked Michelle Obama during a previous interview if the first couple had gotten intimate on the night the president ordered the raid that led to the killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

Kimmel claimed she promised to tell him the story the next time they spoke.

The flustered former president quickly looked off to his side, then stammered out a response.

“Did ... did ... did she say she was going to answer that?” he asked in disbelief.

Kimmel insisted she did, and said the president’s new memoir, “A Promised Land,” has him wondering about it again.


“When I read the book and you were talking about hearing people outside the White House chanting ‘USA! USA! USA!’ I had an image in my head,” Kimmel said. “I did.”

Obama then attempted an answer at the 20:40 mark:


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Ed Mazza - Overnight Editor, HuffPost

Ed Mazza

Overnight Editor, HuffPost

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