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Ang pinakasikat na online casino sa Pilipinas-Carabao is good source of meat

EXPERTS from the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Carabao Center (DA-PCC) said carabao meat is comparable to the widely accepted beef.

The DA-PCC cited the results of a series of studies conducted by the agency's research team as the group compared the slaughter yields and carcass characteristics of crossbred buffalo and crossbred cattle.

Based on quality evaluation, buffalo meat is comparable to beef in terms of carcass yields, processing traits and sensory characteristics.

Dr. Arnel del Barrio, former DA-PCC executive director, reiterated the findings in his presentation at the Livestock Philippines Expo 2022 entitled "Potential of Buffalo Meat as Beef."

"The DA-PCC promotes buffalo as a good source not only of milk but also of quality meat. If the male buffaloes are not fit for breeding, then they are qualified to be fattened and marketed for a good quality meat.

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The agency already has initiatives to develop a breeding program for buffalo meat production as well," del Barrio said.

For his part, Zadieshar Sanchez, head of DA-PCC's Business Development and Commercialization Unit, assured potential investors for carabao fattening.

Sanchez added there is a ready market for carabao products through Kardeli retail business.

Kardeli is the DA-PCC's brand of premium carabao's meat. It is available at the Milka Krem in the Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija.

"According to our ongoing study, there is a ready market for carabao's meat and opportunities for this commodity are many. To fully realize this potential, more carabao fattening farms need to be raised," Sanchez stated.

CZ Rach Restaurant executive chef Francis Sibal demonstrated how to cook different cuts of carabao's meat, including cara-riblets, kielbasa and Hungarian sausage, and tenderloin steak.

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